Drumoak Churchyard


Located some twelve miles west of Aberdeen and north of the River Dee is the church of Drumoak in the parish of the same name. References to this parish can be traced back to the 12th century in a bull of Pope Adrian IV. The present day church however is much more modern, dating from 1836. It is a fine elegant structure in the Gothic style of architecture and was originally designed to seat 650 - though I doubt that it has ever reached that capacity. Please spend a little time admiring the building before moving on to the graveyard. Best seen from a distance it is a real treat to the eyes. See my photo on the right for a small taster!

The graveyard, located mainly to the east and south of the church holds a little over 300 stones, dating from the 1850's to the present day. The grounds are still in use. As is typical of many Scottish churchyards in rural areas the stones are not given to ornamentation but nonetheless are well worth examination. Most stones are constructed using the local grey granite, once abundant in Aberdeen and surrounding areas.

The village of Drumoak has expanded greatly in recent years with a large housing development to the south of the churchyard. Fortunately there is still countryside between the two and you can continue to enjoy the grounds as they were intended. Parking is easy with a road running along the eastern side.

The grounds are in excellent condition with well laid out paths, mature trees, and well trimmed shrubs and grass to enjoy. There was no sign of vandalism or other damage to the site when I visited. Long may that continue.

Well worth a look, especially if you have ancestors from that area. Often overlooked and overshadowed by the better known churches further west and south. For those reasons alone I recommend you give it a visit.

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Drumoak church and graveyard