Dunnottar Graveyard 


The church (St Bridget) was established at this location at the end of the 13th century. The present construction was built in 1782 though extensively rebuilt with additions in 1862. It is very historic and is associated with many notable worthies including Earl Marischal, founder of Marischal College, onetime university of Aberdeen. One of the most famous gravestones commemorates the Covenanters who perished in Dunnottar Castle in 1685.

The graveyard today is divided into a modern extensive burial ground at the back of the site with the older graveyard to the front and one side of the church.

Access is easy with ample parking just outside the churchyard. The grounds are kept in excellent condition, with most stones easily accessible. A lovely site to visit in the shelter of the Dunnottar woods. Highly recommended.

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Covenanter stone commemorating
those who perished at Dunnottar
Castle while incarcerated there