Durris Graveyard


The present church located at Durris was built in 1822 and consists of a low, plain constructed, white-harled building. The churchyard is a large one and presently accommodates approximately 350 gravestones dating from the 18th century onwards - though a crest above the Mactier family enclosure is dated 1595. It was known to house a number of local thanes, lairds and distinguished families including the Frasers.

To get to the graveyard from Aberdeen you travel west on the South Deeside Road (B9077) to Kirkton of Durris where there is a turning to the right. Travel down this road to the end and you will find a car park just outside the graveyard. There is ample space and you will have no trouble parking.

About half the stones are twentieth century with the other half mostly Victorian with just a few being from earlier times. The gravestones are mostly in good condition with just a few toppled or broken. There is little sign of vandalism. The grounds are well maintained with the grass kept reasonably neat and tidy.

Of special interest within the Mactier enclosure is an early 19th century coffin shaped iron mort-safe (see photo below). This is one of only two within the district - the other being just a few miles away at Banchory-Devenick. An important reminder of the steps that had to be taken to prevent grave robbers!

To the south-east behind the original boundary wall is a modern extension to the graveyard which is currently in use. It too is well maintained and a pleasure to look at.

Overall Durris is a pleasant graveyard to visit and I would recommend it to you.

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Durris Church and Graveyard