Fettercairn Churchyard


Situated at highest point in the centre of the village of the same name Fettercairn was established in the 13th century and dedicated to St Mark. The present church building dates from 1803 having previously replaced a relict dating back to 1450.

The churchyard grounds are well maintained though the ground drops sharply on the NE side - so be careful if you walk on this part. It would be easy to lose your balance at certain points and you could hurt yourself! The stones are tightly packed in places. A number of the memorials are quite distinctive and there is a satisfying variety of designs. Most stones appear intact and there is little sign of any deliberate damage, though inevitably nature has taken its toll on some of the older monuments.

Parking is reasonably easy if you drive around the few streets of the village - though the centre parking area always seems full. Incidentally while you are there have a look at the arch built to commemorate Queen Victoria's Jubilee and the monument in the market square.

The monument is of special significance. This is the only remnant of the original town of Kincardine. Being such an important artifact I would have thought the authorities might have done something more to protect it and show it off, but it stands hemmed in by cars and vans. Could something not be done to protect it from vehicles and let tourists walk round it without squeezing past vehicles? Is the council so hard up it cannot even afford a plaque to explain it's significance? Anyway judge for yourself.

The graveyard is most certainly worth a visit. See how it dominates the village by its presence, towering over the surrounding houses. Everyone is forced to look up to the house of God in Fettercairn!

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Fettercairn Church