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Fetteresso New Cemetery


This large municipal cemetery on the outskirts of Stonehaven was opened in 1902 to serve the increasing population of the area. Set on the side of a hill above the Kirktown of Fetteresso this is a fine example of a twentieth century resting place.

There are about 1600 gravestones within Fetteresso New, the majority of which are constructed from local granite. Consequently there has been little deterioration of the monuments due to weathering. Fortunately there appears to have been little or no vandalism at the site and the grounds are immaculately kept. A big thumbs up to the local council on this one.

There are many mature shrubs within the cemetery and so far none of them have overgrown their locations. The cemetery is laid out in an interesting pattern of circles, ellipses, etc and avoids the strict rows of more modern resting grounds. This gives the cemetery a much more relaxed view and feel and it is a pleasure to walk around. Paths are clean underfoot consisting of granite gravel chippings.

The grounds were extended to the north-west about 10 years ago with a new entry gate constructed for easy access. There is also a door halfway down the cemetery allowing access to both parts of the grounds via an adjoining wooden door. The newer section is of course much starker than the old but trees and ivy are beginning to soften the site and in time this too will be a beautiful place.

Parking is easy with a slip road to the cemetery with ample room for cars. I recommend a visit in summer when the grass and shrubs are at their best. Well worth a visit.

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Fetteresso New Cemetery