Fetteresso Churchyard


This church was dedicated to St Kieran in 1246. The ruin seen today is the remains of the 17th century construction. The church fell into disrepair after the building of the new parish church in 1813. The graveyard was in use almost to the end of the nineteenth century when it was superseded by the new grounds a little distance away.

The graveyard today is in fairly good condition though the site is steeply sloped on two sides towards the church. A number of the stones have toppled and many appeared to have been undermined by extensive rabbit excavations. This makes walking between some of the stones tricky. Watch out for holes! 

Parking is difficult as there is little space on the narrow road to stop. My advice would be to park at the new graveyard some hundreds of yards away and walk over. Well worth a visit though.

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The mostly 17th century Fetteresso
church today - note the belfry erected
in 1735