Foveran Churchyard


Approximately 10 miles north of Aberdeen lies the village of Foveran. The parish church of the same name can be found by following the A92 from Aberdeen turning off at the Newburgh junction on the A975. The church is a little over a mile from the junction.

The building seen today dates from 1794, as you can confirm for yourself if you check the stonework of the end gable facing the road. Just at the roof eve you will see the date inscribed on a corner stone. This plain but substantial building was originally designed to accommodate 700 parishoners. Notice also the churchyard walls, which were built from a fund bequeathed for that purpose by a Miss Robertson. According to the 1845 Statistical Account the attendance of the people was very exemplary, and their devout appearance and great attention to the preacher was frequently taken notice of by strangers.

The years have been kind to this church and I suspect that since its original construction there has been regular maintenance undertaken on its stonework and roof. The grounds too are in good order, though some stones have toppled or subsided. Overall though the whole site seems in good order with the grass short enough to walk on quite comfortably. Some trees and shrubs within the grounds could do with some pruning as a number of stones are becoming enveloped, a fate that is common to many graveyards with mature greenery. Thankfully there is little sign of vandalism.

There are approximately 270 gravestones within the grounds with the earliest that I could read dating from 1767. The majority of the present gravestones however date from the 19th and 20th century. Most are in reasonable condition apart from a few sandstone ones which are beginning to crumble. There are quite a few horizontal stones at ground level and these are difficult to read as they tend to be either half submerged or covered in moss and general weeds.

Parking is easy just outside the church grounds, though take care, as cars pass along the road at a very fast rate, considering it is just a small country road.

Overall Foveran is an interesting graveyard within the farming and coastal lands of Aberdeenshire. Well worth a browse on a nice sunny day.

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Foveran church and graveyard