Garvock Churchyard


A church was known to have been established here by 1282 when Hugh le Blond, the lord of Arbuthnott, gave patronage to the monks of Arbroath. The building seen today however dates from 1778. It is of a rather plain construction with little distinguishing features.

The surrounding grounds are spacious but sparsely populated with gravestones. The site is in good condition with little damage noted to the monuments. The graveyard is still in use so there is a mixture of new stones and those dating back to the nineteenth century with a handful dating back even further. Many of the stones are covered in lichen making them difficult to read.

I must confess I had great difficulty finding this church even though I was using an Ordnance Survey map! There is no obvious sign to the church and it was only by tracking very carefully on my map that I found it. So if you are looking for this one here are my directions. Leave the main road (A90) close to Laurencekirk at the turnoff for Garvock/St Cyrus (B9120). A few miles up this road at an area close to Smiddyhill there is a short, straight, unclassified road leading off to the left down to the church. Keep an eye open on the left as the church can be quite clearly seen from the B9120. Easy, once you see it!

Parking is easy with a large area available very close to the main entrance. Not a well known churchyard and somewhat few stones of interest. Nevertheless worthy of a visit.

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Garvock Church