John Knox



Aberdeen City Graveyards - John Knox Churchyard


This graveyard is sandwiched behind what was John Knox Church in the area of Aberdeen known as Mounthooly. This rectangular shaped walled cemetery is adjacent to the main road but is in fact easily missed. The church building was opened in 1835, with the first burial taking place on 24 May 1837.

The roads adjoining the site are busy routes with no parking. The nearest free parking is in the nearby Spital area, but it may take a while to find a space. One of the few church graveyards within the city but less well known than most of the others.

Just a few years ago the church building was sold and though the church exterior is still intact the inside has been completely refurbished as apartments. Presently the churchyard is fine, but a cloud must now hang over the long term security of this gravesite. 

There are approximately 450 plots within this small graveyard though few of the memorials are of outstanding merit. There is however one gravestone worthy of note as it's made of wood! See centre picture below.

Worth a visit, if only to examine one of our smaller city centre resting places.

Note that the Aberdeen and North-East Family History Society have published an MI for this graveyard which I would strongly recommend to you.

If you require a specific gravestone photo from the above send me your relevant details and I'll e-mail you what I have. Contact me here


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Monument to the family of John
Morrison Gibb, granite merchant