Kinneff Churchyard


There has been a church at Kinneff since at least 1242, having been dedicated to St Arnold/Adamnan by Bishop David of St Andrews. It was here that the Scottish Regalia were hidden between 1651 and 1660 after being smuggled out of Dunnottar Castle when it was besieged by English troops.

During its long history the church building has underwent many changes and alterations. By the year 1700 it was in a ruinous state and was consequently rebuilt in 1738. Once again by the 1870's it was again in poor condition. The fine state of the building today is due to extensive restoration work undertaken in the 1960's under the auspices of the Kinneff Old Church Preservation Trust.

This is one of the very few churches that is open every day to visitors. Inside is a wonderful exhibition which relates the story of the Regalia and you can see for yourself the spot where the valued symbols of Scotland were buried. In addition you can learn how the building has changed and expanded over the years. You can also take the opportunity to sample a typical Scottish pew, (very hard and uncomfortable!) Take time to sign the visitors book and please leave a monetary contribution to help preserve this gem. Your coins will make a satisfying clunk as they drop deep into the wall slot!

The churchyard is in excellent order with well maintained grounds. The stones are in good condition with little sign of damage but are hard to decipher due to ample amounts of lichen - a sign of the very clean air in the district! The burial grounds have been extended to one side with a new cemetery being currently in use.

The grounds can be accessed from the coastal road south of Stonehaven (A92). Just look out for the signs for Kinneff Church. Once you leave the main highway the road narrows considerably and care is needed on certain sections. Take your time and you'll be fine. Parking is easy with a gravel car park close to the main entrance.

I would most definitely recommend this site to you. It is a rare chance to visit one of the best preserved churches in the NE. Who knows how long they will keep the church open during the long summer days. My advice is visit this one as soon as you can.

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Kinneff Church