Laurencekirk Cemetery



Laurencekirk Cemetery


Located to the south-east of the town of Laurencekirk this is the modern replacement for the original Churchyard situated closer to the town centre. Owned and maintained by Aberdeenshire Council these grounds are quickly being used up with about half the available space already marked with monuments. Presently there are approximately 1100 memorials naming about 3000 individuals. The earliest date I found mentioned on the stones was 1862 but the vast majority relate to late 20th century through to the present time.

There are some splendid old memorials near the entrance most of which are in very good condition.  Moving further into the cemetery the memorials become smaller reflecting the general trend for less ornate memorials in more recent years. As usual the stones are a reflection on the local stone available - in this case a number of shades of grey granite.

The grounds are in excellent condition with well tended grass, gravel paths and a good range of shrubs and trees to add visual interest. Despite the south-west side of the cemetery being close to the main trunk road and the opposite side being close to houses this is a very quite place and with the thoughtful addition of some bench seating it is a real pleasure to visit on a warm sunny day.

Parking is easy on a small access road next to the entrance. While visiting this cemetery please take a few minutes to visit the war memorial just a minute or two away from the entrance. Considering the small size of Laurencekirk this memorial is very imposing and covered on one side with the names of those who fell during two World Wars.

Well worth a visit - with some surprising old stones within the cemetery - and a beautiful granite war memorial just outside.

Highly recommended.

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The Laurencekirk war memorial located
not far from the cemetery entrance