St Laurence



Saint Laurence Episcopal Churchyard


Having visited Laurencekirk graveyard some years before I had been assured there were more stones to be found at another location within the village. Well, its taken me a while but I finally caught up with them!

Still known locally as the 'English church' Saint Laurence Episcopal can be found on the High Street. Walking uphill (heading south) you will see the prominent Free church building on your right. Keep walking. Set back a little from the road, you will find the Episcopal church on the left. It's a nice looking church with a rather a splendid clock set on the gable. The monuments, such as they are, can be found round three sides of the church. I counted a mere 39 on my visit.

The gravestones were nearly all in good condition, with the exception of one, which has lost nearly the entire face. Most are very modern but a few refer to Victorian times. The grounds were in very good condition, and despite the rain on my visit, they made for pleasant walking.

Parking is easy - outside on the High Street. If however you take the next street on the left, and then left again you come to a car park at the back of the church. In front of you is yet another splendid building dated 1858 and now used as a local public library. In fact I counted five different church type buildings on my visit - I now gather that at one time there were 3 churches and 3 meeting halls. Not bad for such a small place and a reflection of its one time importance.

Worth a look if you are in the area - it won't take you long!

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Saint Laurence Episcopal Church