Lumphanan Churchyard


The village of Lumphanan is situated some 24 miles west of Aberdeen. The church, built in 1762, is central to the parish, but approximately half a mile south-west of the village. The adjacent manse, built in 1782 and enlarged in 1828 is substantial and would indicate that the parish was a wealthy one. The Statistical Account of 1843 indicated that the glebe extended to 7 acres - a reasonably generous size for the exclusive use of the minister and his family. The area of Lumphanan is steeped in history and has almost certainly been occupied by man since the earliest times. It is said that Macbeth (of Dunsinan fame) was killed here.

The church of Lumphanan is typical in design but alas is no longer a place of worship. The manse, on an adjacent plot, is now private housing.

The graveyard has approximately 150 stones, a number of which are in a later extension to the north of the grounds. Many of the gravestones are 20th century but there are also some from the 19th century and earlier. The grounds are in good condition with the grass reasonably well maintained. Mature trees shelter the area from the worst of the weather. Many of the stones are difficult to read due to moss and lichen growth. In winter I would imagine it is quite a cold and damp spot as it's low lying.

Access to the site is not too difficult - once you find it! Leaving the centre of Lumphanan to the south you turn right on Main Road and a few hundred yards on the right you should see the church a little distance back from the road. There is an access road just before it. Turn right down this and park on the grass verge leading up to the manse and church.

An interesting site in an area of great historical significance. My advice is to find out a little bit of the history before visiting - it will enhance the experience!

Interesting and well worth a visit.

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Lumphanan Church