Maryculter Churchyard


Located in the upper slopes of the parish Maryculter church nestles within a copse of mature trees. The lovely church building was erected in 1782, with further alterations in 1882 changing the original rectangular church to the cross or cruciform shape now seen. A new extension to the hall on the north side was added in 2006. A date stone is visible on the south side wall.

The churchyard contains approximately 200 stones, mostly 19th or 20th century. The grounds are in good condition with the grass and paths well kept. A large pile of grass cuttings and general herbaceous rubbish in the SE corner is the only unsightly feature. A small retained enclosure would be much neater and would prevent this pile encroaching on the gravestones.

The majority of gravestones are in good condition, though some are in permanent shade due to overgrown shrubs or overhanging tree branches. Overall though they are easy to find and read.

If travelling by car take the south Deeside road from Aberdeen (B9077) for about 6 miles. Just past the right turn over the bridge to Milltimber there is a left turn towards Kirkton of Maryculter. Take this road for about half a mile and you should see the church on your left. Parking is a little tricky outside the church but if you pull on to the verge you should be ok. I think there is also a car park at the rear with access from further along the main road on the left.

This church and its surrounding graveyard are well worth a visit. Recommended.

PS If you have time you might want to look at the new cemetery just a few hundred metres to the north. While there enjoy the view across the Dee valley.

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Memorial to those fallen in the
Great War from Maryculter parish