Nigg Churchyard


The church of Nigg was opened for public worship on 7th June 1829. Located originally in the county of Kincardine, serving the Presbytery of Aberdeen. Today the church and grounds are sandwiched between two main roads within a busy industrial estate to the south of Aberdeen. Despite this it is largely a quiet and peaceful place. The graveyard has one modern extension at the top of which is a war memorial commemorating those lost from the parish of Nigg. A number of the graves represent the last resting place of many of the local fishers. See my book 'Fisherfolk to Torryfolk' for more details.

The church building has recently been closed and sold. However at the moment the future of the graveyard seems secure for future generations to enjoy.

Access to the church is via Wellington Road (north going) turning off at Nigg Kirk Road. Once there parking is easy and you can stop just outside the front of the church.

An often overlooked graveyard which is well worth a visit for this reason alone.

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War memorial to those who belonged
to the parish of Nigg