St Machar



Aberdeen Graveyards - St Machar Churchyard


St Machar is a graveyard of medieval antiquity. It is very congested with a great many stones both upright and flat. There is a whole range of ornamentation and gravestone design represented here and consequently the churchyard will be of great interest to those who wish to see or study this aspect of graveyards. Even if you have no relatives buried there it is fascinating to see all the different kinds of memorials that span the ages.

Many distinguished academics and clergymen are buried here. Some memorials are massive, reflecting the wealth of the individual or the estate. All stones are in good condition with little sign of vandalism. Having an active cathedral and a park and houses nearby probably helps to keep it that way. The church authorities are however to be commended for their upkeep of the grounds.

While there please go inside the cathedral (its open almost every day of the year) and look upwards! There is one of the finest examples of roof interiors in the country. It escaped the ravages of the Reformation and it is a wonder to behold. There are numerous other points of interest inside with the staff in attendance more than willing to answer questions. Leave a few coins in the contribution box and help the cathedral maintain this wonderful building!

I would normally park my car in the Seaton Park adjacent to the cathedral. This is only a few minutes walk away with no hassle parking. The path to the cathedral from the park is a steep climb. Never mind - it's easy on the way back! The short walk is a lovely one on a nice sunny day and allows you the opportunity to soak up the considerable history of the area. Come in the summer and inspect the formal gardens within the park as an added bonus. I promise you will not be disappointed!

A lovely park, a lovely cathedral and a lovely graveyard. What more can I say? Well worth the trouble and thoroughly recommended!


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St Machar Cathedral