Aberdeen Graveyards - Snow Churchyard


Well I have to confess that when I started this series I had never heard of the Snow Graveyard - and I am a native of Aberdeen!  Not well known and I am fairly sure that most Aberdonians have never heard of it. Or perhaps it's just me...

St Mary's, the Snow kirk, was established by 1497 and presently contains gravestones dated between 1776 and 1902. It is a very small ground with no more than thirty or forty stones on view. In fact the photographs below just about covers it!

Located just to the north of St Peters graveyard in Old Aberdeen, the Snow graveyard is quite a challenge to find. It is located within the grounds of Gilcomston and Crombie Halls, Aberdeen University, just behind the houses at 21-31College Bounds in Old Aberdeen. A real voyage of discovery, but persevere it is there!

The ground is in reasonable condition though some of the stones have crumbled and are decaying away in the corners. There is a certain air of neglect though the grass was well trimmed and in good condition. The site is hemmed in by modern buildings with a car park at one end and houses at the other, so it lacks any real atmosphere.

A real curiosity - and for that reason alone you should seek it out. 

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One of the few gravestones of
Snow Graveyard