Aberdeen City Graveyards - Springbank Cemetery


Springbank cemetery was established in 1884 and is still in use to the present day. The memorials reflect a number of differing upright styles from the late Victorian period onwards.

Located in the west end of Aberdeen on Springfield Road this is a beautiful graveyard which is well maintained and features many mature trees and shrubs.  A lovely sheltered place ideal for a stroll on a sunny day.  

The cemetery is roughly divided into two sections with the larger established part laid out in interesting curves, circles and segments.

The more modern section to the north is laid out in regimented rows and is less interesting visually, though by no means bleak.

Most paths consist of tarmac making walking an easy affair.  This cemetery is most certainly well worth a visit and is in my view one of the prettiest in the city.

Parking is easy on the opposite side of Springfield Road just along from the library. 

Highly recommended.


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A stunning memorial located within Springbank Cemetery