St Clements



Aberdeen Graveyards - St Clements Churchyard


There has been a church on this site for many hundreds of years though the church seen there today dates from 1828. Located in what is now a commercial dockyard area, St Clements has seen better days. The surroundings are hardly romantic and it seems a somewhat grim place. It is however packed with gravestones (mostly nineteenth century) and many merchants and other worthies of considerable importance are buried there. I was somewhat surprised and disappointed that there were so few fisher graves.

The church is no longer an active one and at the time of my visit there were 'for sale' signs posted. This is obviously a worry for the future fate of the graveyard and we can only hope it survives the transformation from a place of worship.

This graveyard needs to be visited during the working day and I would recommend you do not go alone. Well worth a visit though, if only to view many of the interesting designs and styles of nineteenth century gravestones and other monuments.

Note that the Aberdeen and North-East Family History Society have published an MI for this graveyard which I would strongly recommend to you.

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St Clements Churchyard