St Cyrus Nether



St Cyrus Nether Kirkyard


Located within the present day nature reserve of St Cyrus this site has a long history. The church of St Grig was reputed to have been founded here about 880AD. St Cyrus or Ecclesgreig was dedicated by the Bishop of St Andrews in 1242 and remained the dominant influence until the construction of a new church on higher ground near the main village in 1632. No trace remains of the original church though a number of enclosures are of interest.

The site is in an exposed position and consequently many of the stones are difficult to read. However there are a number of good interesting monumental carvings that are well worth viewing. Also of note are a number of burial enclosures and a watch house in one corner.

St Cyrus Nether Kirkyard is located within the present day St Cyrus nature reserve. The location, nestled at the base of steep hills and golden sands is, on a fine day, one of the best views to be found within the NE of Scotland. From the top of the hill the view is breathtaking. Many wild flowers, butterflies and assorted birds and small animals are found within the area. Take my word for it, seek it out!

Some further details of the history of this churchyard can be found in an article in my Book Extracts section.

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A splendid armorial panel over the doorway
of the Graham of Morphie Aisle located at
St Cyrus Nether Kirkyard