St Cyrus Upper



St Cyrus Upper Churchyard


The Upper Kirk of St Cyrus located on the high ground of Brae Heads was established about 1632. The present building occupying the site dates from 1850 and is surrounded on three side by the graveyard. At the front is a large memorial cross to those who fell in the two world wars.

East of the church within the graveyard lies the Lauriston aisle, part of the 17th century church. It is unroofed but there is a lovely arch to be seen at one end.

There are many stones within the graveyard though these are mostly mid-Victorian onwards. Most of them are in very good condition and there are some splendid examples. One or two are beautifully carved. A newer extension can be found to the east of the main churchyard which is in current use.

The grounds are in very good condition though there were some stones lying on their faces. Since my visit there have been reports of vandalism at this site with a number of stones pushed over. Let's hope the authorities and the good people of St Cyrus clamp down on this before it gets worse.

The church lies on the outskirts of the village of St Cyrus. Follow the coastal road south of Stonehaven (A92) and you will find the road passes right through it. The church steeple can be seen from some distance away. Parking is easy in front of the church.

Worth a visit if you have ancestors from the surrounding area.

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St Cyrus Upper Church