St Devenick



St Devenick Churchyard


The site of St Devenick on the Hill consists of a free church built in 1844 and a nearby graveyard opened in 1850.

The church building was paid for almost entirely by Alexander Thomson of Banchory and still exists. It appears to have been converted for another use, though I could not be sure on my visit what that use was. What did strike me was the ugliness of the church building. Possibly the ugliest church structure I have ever seen! But that's my opinion - go and check it out for yourself.

Happily the graveyard is much more pleasant. This lies approximately 200 metres south-east of the church. It is especially noted as the last resting place of the Stewarts of Banchory & Leggart and their mausoleum can be seen in the north-east corner.

The site mostly consists of twentieth century stones with just a few of the late Victorian period. As a result there are few signs of stone ornamentation but most inscriptions are clear and easy to read. The grounds are in good condition with the grass kept neat and tidy. Congratulations once again to Kincardineshire Council for a job well done. The surrounding mature trees overhang the site in a number of places creating some gloomy spots. Ideally these should be trimmed back especially where stones are being enveloped in low branches.

Finding the site from Aberdeen you follow the South Deeside Road (B9077) until just after Banchory-Devenick church when you should see a small road to the left. Go up this road to a T junction, turn left and you should see the Free Church on your right after a few hundred metres. Not the easiest to find, but take your time and you'll be fine.

Try and ignore the church building, go on a nice warm sunny day and you should find the visit a pleasant experience. Not the most interesting gravesite in the county but worth a visit nonetheless.

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Stewart Mausoleum located at
St Devenick graveyard