St Fitticks



St Fitticks Churchyard


Located near the Bay of Nigg, Aberdeen in an area known as Balnagask. First established in 1242 the kirk was Catholic up to the Reformation then Episcopalian until 1716. It was abandoned in 1829, following the opening of the New Church of the parish of Nigg, though the graveyard continued to be used up to the twentieth century.

Due to its remote location it was a target for body snatchers in the early nineteenth century and was consequently equipped with a watch-house, the ruins of which can still be seen today, along with the main church building.

Please be aware that due to past vandalism this graveyard is now normally locked. To gain access a key can be obtained from the Balnagask golf course starting box. This is at the top end of St Fitticks Road. When I visited there the person was unfamiliar with this arrangement but after some looking around found the labelled keys. No charge applies. Please remember to return these keys so that others can enjoy same. Despite the vandalism most of the stones are in good condition. However please keep a good look out for glass and other debris underfoot. The area has a (perhaps unfair) reputation for drug problems, nonetheless I recommend you remain vigilant during your visit.

Parking is easy and plentiful on St Fitticks Road.

This church is in an exposed spot! Most days there is usually a cold breeze that blows off the coast through the graveyard - and that's in summer. Clothe accordingly! 

An ancient place of worship that now has an air of sadness about it. Well maintained and worth a visit for those with ancestors from the surrounding areas.

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End gable view of the ruin of St Fitticks Church