St Peters



St Peters Graveyard  - Peterhead


St Peters graveyard contains approximately 500 monuments. The stones in certain parts of the site are overlapping and somewhat irregular. Many gravestones have suffered over the years and there is ample evidence of broken and overturned ones. It has obviously suffered vandalism, though mercifully the bulk of the monuments can still be enjoyed. 

The graveyard is flat at the rear of the site, but drops steeply at the front.  Some plots are still vacant on the slope looking towards the sea.  The ground is in good condition and presently well maintained. I do worry though about the stone fragments lying on the grass. These will likely disappear, either under the grass or 'tidied up'.

St Peters graveyard is located on the South Road.  This is the main road towards the town centre from Aberdeen.  You can park on the South Road just outside the gates. An impressive pinnacle faces you as you walk towards the graveyard. A fitting and dominating monument to the war dead.

For those with ancestors from Peterhead this graveyard is a must. Not the prettiest of the NE but worth a visit none the less.

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War Memorial located at the gate of St Peters Graveyard