Strachan Churchyard


The parish of Strachan or its more ancient name Stratheichin lies in the north-west corner of Kincardineshire. Originally the church stood in the middle of the burial ground but with the building of a new church across the road the old building was cleared away in 1865-66.

The grounds are in reasonable condition with the grass kept fairly short, but the shrubbery in places has outgrown its situation. The site is on a slope and there has been some settlement in places. The graveyard contains about 200 stones mostly 19th or 20th century but a few date from the 18th century. The older stones have suffered the ravages of weather and many are difficult to read. A number of them need some tender care and a few look as though they will collapse in the next few years.

Strachan is best approached from Banchory or the south Deeside road from Aberdeen. It is on the B974 with the graveyard on the left with the church on the other side of the road. It took me a bit of looking before I spotted as its well hidden behind a wall and difficult to see from a car. Easy when you know where it is! Parking is easy on the main road - though the area near the close by school has restrictions.

Not perhaps the most exciting graveyard but interesting none the less. Worth a look.

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Strachan Churchyard