Torphins Cemetery


Established in the latter half of the 20th century this cemetery is still in use with approximately half the space occupied. The bulk of the grounds are on a slope facing south-west, so the majority of the site enjoys sunshine for the bulk of the day. At the time of my visit (summer 2005) there were approximately 1400 monuments. The earliest date I found inscribed was 1864.

As you would expect in this modern resting place most monuments follow the trend for smaller and more simple designs. However there are exceptions and pleasant surprises can be found throughout the grounds. The majority of the monuments are constructed from the local grey granite, though some of the latest examples feature black and other coloured granites from abroad.

The grounds are in very good order with the grass neat and tidy. The few 'made' paths in this cemetery are just bare ground which might pose a problem in very wet weather. However on my visit it was extremely hot and dry so my only hazard was a little dust! I could imagine that the site could be very cold as it's fully exposed on two sides. Despite the building of new housing down one side of the site the grounds are quiet and very private.

Parking can easily be found just outside the cemetery gates or on the high street nearby.

A beautiful location with some interesting monumental work. These grounds may not be of the highest priority to most family researchers but nonetheless they are well worth a visit.


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An unusual memorial to be seen
at Torphins Cemetery