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Aberdeen & North East Family History Society  A must for those who are studying the area. Might I recommend you join now! 

Yahoo Group for Peterhead  Lots of interesting letters and queries regarding the coastal town of Peterhead, NE Scotland.

Rootsweb Message Board for Aberdeenshire  Read the queries being raised and answered for this part of the NE of Scotland. Definitely worth a peek.

Rootsweb Message Board for Kincardineshire  As above, this time for Kincardineshire.

Family Search  THE site for finding your ancestors, run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints it includes IGI and PAF information. An absolute must!!

Scotland Genealogy Forum Contact others seeking information on ancestors. An active site with lots of interesting queries.

Blair Genealogy A wonderful site for those like me who have Blair ancestors!

Roll of Honour A site run by volunteers with databases of those who fell in the World Wars and various other conflicts. It includes names from every county of the UK with more being added all the time.

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet  What can you say? Its the biggest site of its kind. There are genealogical links to just about every country and almost every aspect of genealogical research. Wonderful!

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission  A very informative site for those who lost relatives in the first or second world wars. Comprehensive search facilities allow you to trace your long lost loved ones. Very professional and very interesting.

Scotland Genealogy Message Board message board for Scottish information. Is someone out there trying to contact you?

Old Maps  A chance to see your part of Scotland online from these Victorian maps. Very interesting indeed!

Scotland BDM Exchange  A site that covers the births, deaths and marriages of Scotland! Congrats to those who run the site - and those who contribute! This one is growing all the time.

Ellis Island  American Family Immigration History Centre. A wonderful site for those with ancestors who journeyed to the USA. I especially like the ships' logs. A real treasure trove, and it's free! An extensive website that specialises in the study of the names Brebner/Bremner. In addition there are photos and databases pertaining to the NE of Scotland.

War Memorials in North Kincardineshire A number of transcriptions of these poignant reminders to those who were lost in the first and second world wars. Congratulations to Andrew McHardy on a job well done!

The London Gazette Where you will find complete archives of the London Gazette Supplement. These contain lists of those who were decorated for war service during World War I and II. All free of charge. Check it out! 

Aberdeen City Bereavement Services Contact details for enquiries about the last resting places within the city. In my experience the staff are usually very helpful!

Aberdeenshire Council - List of Burial Grounds This will help you identify all the burial grounds in Aberdeenshire along with contact details for seeking burial records.

Portlethen & District An independent website with pictures and details not only of Portlethen but other interesting areas of the North-East. Included are some 360o panoramic views of the district. It's just like being there! Well done Ken!

Carved Stones Scotland This site looks at our Celtic and Pictish past and the treasures left by our ancient ancestors. Some snippets of great interest!

Historic Scotland An official site of the Scottish Executive which features articles on what is being done to preserve our heritage along with news of events taking place throughout Scotland. Of special interest to our cousins abroad!

 What's in a Name? Trying to find out what your ancestors name means? Interested in all the variations of a name? Then this is the site for you. A good database that is increasing all the time. And its free!

 ANEFHS Surname Index You can check the surname of your choice against the monumental inscriptions held by the Aberdeen & NE Family history society. A great source of information for those who wish to find out if there is a gravestone to their ancestors. A superb resource!

ANEFHS Map of NE of Scotland resting places. There are over 350 resting places in this area - now you can see their exact locations. A splendid piece of work from one of the country's best family history society!

Stonehaven Heritage Society Some interesting stuff about the town and its inhabitants. Meet the Society officials - and perhaps finally put faces to names!

Researching your Graveyard  A handy PDF published by Historic Scotland with loads of information on finding reference material for your favourite graveyard. As a bonus there's a wonderful photo of Fordyce graveyard, complete with resting grave digger. Recommended!

BMD-Certificates Co Uk  Need some assistance with civil registration certificates? Don't have enough information to order these yourself? Living abroad and don't have the time to carry out the work? Then perhaps these folks can help. Might be worth an enquiry at least.

Grampian Life  A new site that includes a forum to discuss local news, events, genealogy, local history - and just about anything else if you want to. Congrats to Russell Ward on this new venture!  A splendid site with a range of topics from conservation to preservation of stones, local events, projects etc. There are also a number of downloads you might find of interest. And don't forget their links - one of which will take you right back here!

National Library of Scotland  There's some wonderful maps of Scotland (and more particularly the North-East) in this site. From 16th to 19th century these are fascinating, and in some cases very detailed. Best of all, it's free!

Internet Library of Early Journals  This is an academic site which has been of help to me in the past. Of particular interest to North-East fans is the Blackwoods Magazine which features all kinds of articles/snippets of the area. Try searching with some key words and see if anything turns up. You may be pleasantly surprised!

The South Africa War Grave Project - The goal - to archive photographs of every single South African & Rhodesian war grave from the second Anglo-Boer War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Rand Revolt, Freedom Struggle, Angola-Border War to present day.

The Folk of Birse - Some family research featuring the parish of Birse. Thanks to Sharon Jamieson for sharing her work on this one. Do you connect to these families?

Aberdeen Reference Library - Wonderful resources and very helpful staff. Highly recommended!

Aberdeenshire Council Local Studies Department - Very helpful staff and many resources that are not known to everyone!

Historic Scotland - Researching Your Graveyard - This is a thirty-three page document chock full of useful information for the family researcher and graveyard enthusiast!

Aberdeen Built Ships - This fascinating site has many online film clips of Aberdeen ships and many other details of shipyards etc. An absolute gem!

Scottish Screen Archives - Loads of historic movies and clips from all over Scotland including Aberdeen! You could spend days looking at this lot!

The Long, Long Trail - An amazing site giving detailed information on the Great War. If you had ancestors who served in this conflict then this site is a must-see.

Welcome to Portgordon - Detailed information regarding this Banffshire village hosted by Dr Peter Reid of the Robert Gordon University. Great stuff!

Mariners - Loads of information on civil and military vessels dating back to the 19th century. A great reference site!

Historical Directories - Loads of digitised directories dating back to the 19th century. Your chance to 'thumb' through these old books for a chance to find your ancestors. Covers England and Wales only.

The Farber Collection - Over 13,500 images documenting the sculpture on over 9,000 gravestones in the NE United States. Some lovely photos for those interested in the design aspects of memorials (like me!).

The Banff & Buchan Arts Forum - Loads of details and photos of local monuments and other interesting artefacts. Well worth a browse - I only wish I could find a homepage!

The Portlethen Heritage Society - A brand new website for this very recently formed society, chaired by Fred Stewart with secretary Mrs Anne Wilkins. I'll be watching this one with great interest. I recommend you bookmark this one right away!

 Aberdeen's Burial Records - A small PDF that shows where the burial registers and records can be found for all Aberdeen City's resting places. It's a great free leaflet. As an added bonus I'm mentioned in it! A real pity it took me five years to find it! Grab it while you can.

Congregational Church Records Held by Aberdeen City Archives - This is a 52 page PDF file listing all the church records presently held in Aberdeen City archives. Well worth a download!

Portal to Portlethen - A new website about this ancient Kincardineshire village.  Constructed by Ian Kenn it contains, among other things, histories, stories, facts and photos which will be of great interest to locals and historians alike. Well done Ian!

Aberdeen City War Memorials - A page constructed by Aberdeen City Council showing every war memorial in Aberdeen with an accompanying photograph. This is a splendid piece of work which I'm sure will be widely appreciated.

Alexander MacDonald of Kepplestone - This webpage by Aberdeen City Council relates to the catalogue of the correspondence and other papers of Alexander Macdonald, granite merchant and proprietor of Aberdeen Granite Works of Constitution Street. Always nice to know of such treasure trove though you will have to visit Old Aberdeen House to see them.

European Cemeteries - A blog created by Martin Siegling with some stunning photography. He obviously knows his stuff and its a real treat for the eyes. Well done Martin!

Deceased online - This is a commercial site containing nearly two million burial and cremation records. Some of those records are for Aberdeen City. Searches are free so what are you waiting for!

Fishing Boat Heritage - A site run by Douglas Paterson indexing many fishing vessels of the UK, Europe and beyond! So far Douglas has over 3000 entries and his site is growing fast. A splendid project that I'm sure will meet with approval from researchers everywhere. Well done Douglas and keep up the good work!

Silver City Vault - The online home of local studies run by Aberdeen City Libraries. Searchable indexes of local photos (over 1000 so far), almost 50,000 entries from various sources including marriages, pauper lists, periodicals and newspapers. Highly recommended - and highly addictive!

Anderson One Named Study - North East Scotland - Have you got Anderson's in your family tree? Then this might be just the site for you. And best of all it's free! Congratulations to Bob Bruce and Chris Kennedy for your splendid work on this one.

Military Genealogy in USA - Are you researching someone who served in the military in the States?  Then this could be the site for you! This page not only describes what records are still available to researchers but also includes a large list of databases available to access online. Well worth checking out. Many thanks to Sarah James of Apple Creek Historical Society for this one.

DC Thomson Shop - This contains a number of lovely photos of Aberdeen and other places in the NE of Scotland. One particularly nice feature is the zoom facility which allows you to examine these photos in detail. My thanks to Brian Kennedy for letting me know about this one!

Scottish Women's Hospitals - This site contains many wonderful photos, bibliographies and many many names. Congratulations to Alan Cumming for putting this one together. It's a wonderful tribute to those women that have served in that most noble profession.

History at Home : A Guide to Genealogy - There's some great stuff in here for both beginners and experts alike. Sources of records, how to interview relatives, preserving old documents and photos along with much more! My thanks to Isabella for this one!

NEW! Home Advice Guide - How to Gather Family Information - One of the most important aspects of family research is knowing what to collect in documentation and approaching living relatives for their help in gaining their stories and other facts. This site will help. Some good advice can be found here along with links to many relevant sites. My thanks to Steve Anastasiadis, editor of the website for letting me know about this one!

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Specialist Web Sites relating to fisherfolk of the NE Coast

Stuart Christie Comprehensive family history material relating to the Christies & Massons of Skateraw, Cowie, Muchalls, Findon & Downies.

Lesley Finlayson Another site with family history stuff - some relating to Fetteresso. Fishing families include the Massons, Adams & Christies.

Robert Kinahan Comprehensive work on his ancestors from Skateraw. Other material relates to his relatives from the villages of Portsoy, Fordyce and Sandend.

Jim Allan Featuring Christies of Stonehaven who originated in Kincardineshire. Also links to Drumoak, Aberdeenshire - another area of interest to me! .

Index of Surnames  Over 20,000 named individuals based on the family of James W Allan. This includes many from the NE including Peterhead.


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