We have moved!!!!!

Please go to, link to and bookmark to my new site at - www.nicanime.com as I won't be updating here anymore unless something goes wrong at the new site. Last Update: 26/8/04 @ 15heart53 by Nici

Hoorah. Three new mp3s uploaded! Go check 'em out! I havent had much time to update or even draw anything lately, so I'm a bit downhearted about it.
There's also an alternative way of reaching the site - www.nicanime.cjb.net
I am thinking about doing a massive upload of all my songs so... stay tuned.. or something... O_o

Site Moved!

10/01/2005 @ 01:06 by ThorNet

We have moved to a new server provided by scribblekid (Teh Dave in the deviant link below). Hopefuly these servers are faster than the old and the new address - www.nicanime.com is far more rememberable for you all to tell you friends about. As normal coments about broken links, site problems ect to me Darth-Tom@Tiscali.co.uk and questions or prase for the artworks to Nici (see contact section for details) and feel free to post on the msg board as we try to check this regulary.

Please link to the new address and not to this old one as we will be taking this site offline and continuing only with the www.nicanime.com one if all goes as planed

Site Update

08/07/2004 @ 23:11 by ThorNet
  • New Layout

Site Update/Check

01/07/2004 @ 13:58 by ThorNet
  • Links checked and updated
  • Thumbnails added where missing
  • New Guestbook added on trial

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