by Nick Collister

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Welcome to 'Adorable Pet Portraits' - by Nick

Portraits drawn with a passion for animals.
An illustrator who will create an adorable portrait of your cherished animal - cat, dog, horse, or any pets from your pet photograph/ photographs!
Go to finished pet portrait of Sophie the cat

In the process of drawing portrait of 'Sophie' the cat

“ Please feel free to browse through my site, and if you feel that you would like a pet portrait just contact me on the 'Adorable Pet Portraits' Email Link above ”

I have had pets in my family environment all my life so I know how close or attached we become to them. I also know how terrible it feels when we lose one of our companions. People I have spoken to have remarked that they wish they had taken more photographs of their pets while they were still around so, even if you don't commission a pet portrait from me, make sure that you record your pets time here with you before it's too late!

Although I am an artist that specialises in
drawing animal portraits of cats, dogs and horses,
I also love the challenge of creating a unique illustration of any pet / pets
that you care about, whether it be a pet tarantula or a pet tiger.
Please just send the photographs though, not the real thing!!!

I feel that every commission is very special for each client.
A picture of an animal you love is something to treasure for a
long time, so I make a conscious effort to capture the true likeness and
personality of your cherished pet with my artwork.

Even though these pictures are saved for the web at low resolution,
I hope that you will see the fine detail that I put into each 'pet portrait' illustration..........

Clients photo of dogphoto of dog 2

.......from your photos

Finished portrait of dogs the final picture

I will capture that special portrait of your pet cat, dog, horse or any
animal / animals from your photographs.
Check the 'Latest Portraits' link above for previous pet portraits from this illustrator.

Animals play a big part in our lives and I regard them as an important part of everyday living........
  they are not just a pet .....  
....they maintain our sanity!
Nick Collister