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Publishers of the books by DOREEN LOUIE WEST about her Oxfordshire family between the years 1910 and 1953.














































LOUIE: A Country Lady


Doreen Louie West


Set against the backcloth of two World Wars and farming as it was in rural Oxfordshire, this is the true story of Louie between 1910 and 1941 as told by her daughter, Doreen. Louie was a farmer’s daughter and was destined to marry a farmer. She was a strong resourceful lady and, as well as bringing up five children, was responsible for much of the daily running of the farm. As the years passed her husband, Algy, became increasingly bad-tempered and difficult to live with and as war approached Louie and her children had to make some life changing decisions.


ISBN: 0-9531117-0-9

ISBN 13: 9780953111701

Retail price: £6.99 per paperback copy.





LOUIE: An Oxford Lady


Doreen Louie West


The sequel to LOUIE: A Country Lady.

Continuing the story of Louie and her family between 1943 and 1953 as they made their way in life during the harrowing war years and the rationed post-war years and although life was hard they never lost their sense of humour. Racing motorcycles, mechanical elephants and wayward cars and ponies made sure there was never a dull moment. Louie ran a guesthouse in Oxford for a while and then moved on to other ingenious ways of earning a living.


ISBN: 0-9531117-1-7

ISBN 13: 9870953111718

Retail price: £7.50 per paperback copy.



“When Doreen West turned her childhood memories into a book, it became a bestseller. But even more remarkable is that the world she recalls, one of innocence tempered by hardship, still existed only a generation ago”



“A growing readership for rural book that skips the love interest, a sex-free tale of country folk”                                 



“This book conveys the innocence to be found in the lost world of our recent past”



       “A well written story”


(Louie: A Country Lady) “Fans of the Larkrise stories by Flora Thompson will enjoy this book, which is easy to read.”

(Louie: An Oxford Lady) “The strength of the family to ‘pull together’, combined with the gentle humour injected throughout the book, give it a strong ‘feel good factor’. As with the former ‘Morse’ TV series filmed in the City, fellow Oxonians will recognise many of the places mentioned, which only served to accentuate interest, and bring it to life even more”






“I enjoyed Louie A Country Lady immensely. I found it an emotional read and was unable to put it down once I had started”


“I picked up at random a small book from our local library, Louie: A Country Lady, and was quite enchanted with it…I feel it is a piece of social history…With thanks for an excellent read, no sentence warranted skipping and I couldn’t wait to read on.”


“I can’t tell you, although I’ll try, how much I have enjoyed my two books. They are exactly my type of literature, describing people, places and events in our dear old England…I feel somewhat deprived now I have finished them both. They are just the sort of books I will have pleasure in re-reading in future years though”

“…your new book. Fantastic! I have started to read it, fatal, it is such a good flowing story that I need great will power not to abandon the jobs that have to be done”


“I felt I must write to you to express my delight in reading your second book about your mother ‘Louie’. I just could not put it down, I kept picking it up and reading another chapter”




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