Ride UK

Ride UK

Recreational riding provides time to reflect on the day’s activities and plan for tomorrow. It allows you to relax your mind and body and escape from the hassles of day-to-day life. Riding can provide quality time with family and friends, or private time for yourself. It helps develop personal character and promotes physical fitness.

 Spending time in the saddle?

If you enjoy riding or driving your Paint Horse for recreation, the UK PHA, Ride UK Program is for you.

 By enrolling in Ride UK, you can strengthen your body and mind while exploring the great outdoors with your favourite Paint Horse – and be earning rewards for the time you spend riding and driving.

 With Ride UK, you set your own goals and measure your own success. Ride at your own pace and earn rewards for simply doing what comes naturally—riding an American Paint Horse.

 Ride for personal achievement

When you enrol in Ride UK, you receive an official time log and Ride UK patch. Simply record each hour you spend riding or driving your APHA Registered or Part-Bred Paint Horse and send your log to UK PHA.

 As you move up through the 14 achievement levels—from 100 to 10,000 hours—UK PHA records your accomplishments and you earn patches, shirts, blankets, and other fabulous awards.

 All you have to do is enjoy the ride and record your progress—we’ll reward your achievements. So get out there and saddle up! It’s time to Ride UK!


 Participants must be current UK PHA or UKjPHA members and must maintain membership for the entire time during which hours are recorded toward a recognition level.

 Submit an enrolment application and one-time enrolment fee of 15 per horse/rider combination.

 Ride or drive an APHA Registered American Paint Horse or Part-Bred Paint Horse

 Participants do not have to own the horse.

 Time may be recorded for any activity in which you participate by riding or driving. You can also log time spent in the saddle or cart while riding in a group.

 Participants must maintain a separate log on each Paint Horse enrolled.

 Keep track of time (one hour for each hour actually spent riding or driving) on the Official Ride UK Time Log

 All time recorded is on a one horse/one-rider basis and is based on a trust system.

 Participants are responsible for submitting Ride UK Time Logs to the association in order to earn awards.

Application Form

Ride UK Time Log


Award levels *

1. 100: Ride UK patch & UK PHA Cap

2. 500: Patch and 10% off an Official UK PHA Clinic

3. 1,000: Patch, photo in the UK PHA Journal and one-year UK PHA membership subscription

4. 1,500: Patch & a UK PHA Polo Shirt

5. 2,000: Patch and a Cinch

6. 2,500: Patch and Medicine Boots

7. 3,000: Patch and Grooming Kit

8. 3,500: Patch and Horse rug

9. 4,000: Patch and a Leather Head Collar

10. 4,500: Patch and a Saddle Blanket

11. 5,000: Patch and UK PHA Jacket

12. 6,000: Patch and Gift Certificate to the APHA General Store

13. 7,500: Patch and Leather Belt

14. 10,000 Patch and Buckle

*UK PHA reserves the right to subsitue prizes of equal value for those listed above

Awards subject to change