Over the Fence aviation photography.

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General aviation photos

 Photos of aeroplanes that have not been flying as a display.

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Referance material:

Aircraft Part Number List: List of aircraft part numbers and their related airframe. If you spot a mistake please contact me. With thanks to Graham Adlam of Spitfire spares for compiling this and allowing me to post it here.

Uk ICAQ code list: This is a list of as many known uk airports and their ICAQ codes. Please contact me if any are wrong so I can correct them.

Research projects:

The making of the Film Memphis Belle - a collection of photos and stories from the making of the film.

Photo collections.

Raf Bruggen - photos from any date from here are welcome (contact me if you wish to contribute)

Raf Widenrath - photos from any time here are welcome. (contact me if you wish to contribute)

All images 2005 - 2006 Oliver Holmes unless otherwise stated. If you wish to use them for anything except your own personal use please contact me .  I am always interested in hearing from possible users of my photos but if you want my images for anything other than use on your own pc I will charge a sum of money depending upon the size of the image you need and how many times it is going to be used/seen. Prints are available of photos from certain events, there will be a link at the top of the gallery page to go to where you can purchase prints. If you would like them in a different size please contact me and I can sort that out.

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