Hawick Reivers' Day


2 small wooden spoons in progress.

Same again, shaving horse hidden behind.
Borders Union Show

Kelso 2005

Polelathe and Shaving horse
 in action 


Photo - Curtis Walsh



2 legged stool so far.
Photo - Dave Connelly 

Bowls  too?
Well maybe not off the pole lathe

Photo - Dave Connelly 

J in action with the deadly side handed axe.
Photo - Dave Connelly 


Work in progress
Photo - Fiona Crouch

More of the Ash pole
Photo - Fiona Crouch



Ross Finnie.

Minister for Environment and Rural Development

Discussing the contract for the 
annual MSP's rounders match.

Birchwood Apple
(reputedly its on his desk)

Into the Woods 
Peebles- 8th July 2006

Janet's Brae 
The Video