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Standing as it does in the Marches, between the Welsh mountains and the meres of the North Shropshire plain, the market town of Oswestry has a violent history which can be traced from prehistoric times with the iron age fort 'Old Oswestry' (ca. 550 B.C.), through Roman marching camps, pagan-Christian battlefields (A.D. 642 - the pagans won), and frequent sackings by both the Welsh and the Normans between 1215 and 1400. Nowadays things are quieter except for the occasional road rage on the A5, Telford's London-Holyhead road.

Bees around Oswestry may lack the abundant bee forage available in some other parts of the country, but there is usually a crop to be had from dandelion in the spring, and perhaps field beans later on, then heather honey for those adventurous enough to move their bees up into the mountains in late summer. And there is Oil-seed Rape.

Of course, for many, producing honey is not so important, and the joys of bee keeping in the quietly beautiful countryside of north Shropshire more than compensate for an indifferent crop.

We are always pleased to welcome anyone with an interest in bees, and our summer meetings are ideal opportunities to get to know the bees and the beekeepers. If you would like to attend a meeting, or just discuss bees or bee keeping, please email the webmaster.

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