The Twyman Family: A One Name Study

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Welcome to my website dealing with my One-Name Study into the Twyman surname.  Detailed herein will be details of varying lines of Twymans I've researched from all over the world - from the UK, to the United States, to Canada, to New Zealand, to Australia, and beyond.  Herein you'll also find indexes to original documents, and much much more.

Please find above, also, a link to this site's web-forum to allow all to discuss information pertinent to the Twyman families.  Please drop in and join and discuss anything from the Twymans, to family history in general, to all those random little things.



07-Aug-2015: An update has gone live to the name index, adding all the "A" names.  The information given in the index has also been slightly expanded for the individuals already included as well as for those added today, as per recent feedback on the new update.

05-Aug-2015: A complete overhaul to the site has gone ahead - to make the site more appropriate as a front-end to my one-name study into the Twyman surname.  Unfortunately the various indices have been redacted, and replaced by a new index of individuals on whom I've conducted research over the years.  This index, naturally, contains only details of individuals who have passed away (so no details of living people are shared), and I will have further information on every individual contained therein.  Please feel free to contact me about any individual contained therein, and I'll be more than happy to compare notes, as it were, about anyone you're currently looking into.  At present this index only contains individuals whose name starts with "B" - I'm creating the index alphabetically as I work through my Legacy file, and will be adding the "A" names in coming days as I type them from my index as well as adding the rest of the alphabet in future weeks..

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