Liverpool John Lennon Airport Scenery
for Flight Simulator X by DerboSoft

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An interim release to add some realism to FSX!! See bottom of page for known problems

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EGGP Scenery Version 5.0FSX
This all new version has been specifically created to fit with the Default FSX airport layout, as I'm currently unable to edit the AFD to make it more realistic!! Version 5.0 contains all new buildings and textures including full night textures. The buildings have been produced in-line with the FSX SDK using Blender and Gmax. This scenery will only work with FSX. Thanks go to Peter Leadbeater for testing the scenery prior to release (and for the ever present windsock!). Special thanks also go to Dave Graham and the rest of the guys at North West Air News (, without whose photo's and information none of my scenery would exist!

{short description of image} Known Issues!

Some users are currently experiencing problems with 'floating' objects within the scenery. This is caused by the file "EGGP version X1 Library.bgl". You can either remove this file (and loose the objects!) or download the update below (which will correct the issue and add some additional objects)
EGGP Scenery Version 5.0FSX Update