Prices for your highest quality local Carpet Fitter.

Prices for fitting will vary on each individual job depending on length of time to complete the job which can be affected by the condition of the floor, whether the old floor covering has to be lifted or if the floor has to be scraped. Maybe there is underlay or gripper to put down first, or maybe there is furniture to move which takes time. I will put down some rough prices here as a guide but contact me by email or phone for a more accurate quote.


Carpet fitting, in every room of your house.

Average sized lounge, bedroom or dining room which is empty with no gripper or underlay to be fitted, to fit carpet is between £30 and £50 usually.


Bathroom and kitchen vinyl will be fitted usually for £25 - £45.




Remember do not just go for the cheapest quote you get. This is not the same as shopping comparison for exactly the same brand or product. Go by experience and recommendations etc.

Laminate, Vinyl & Carpet all fitted expertly.


Hall, stair and landing are slightly different as they all have to have a plan drawn up and be cut up into separate sections so to fit that would normally be between £55 & £85. Be wary of fitters charging much cheaper than expected for these areas.


These are just rough figures to give you an idea, if you want an exact quote them I can come out and give you an estimate or give you a price when I come to fit your flooring or if you email me all the details I can email you back with a price. Every job is different and individual so charging by the hour is not practical and giving a blind quote without details or viewing is not practical either.


Please don't hesitate to contact me through my web site or on my mobile phone. Try emailing me if you would like an estimate or to book a time to fit your carpets or vinyl or just for some advice.





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