Political Interview with Cllr Paul Rogan.


Cllr Paul Rogan is an English Democrats member of Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council representing Rastrick ward until 2010.


When did you first become interested in politics?

As a child helping my father put party election posters in our garden. At school reading the war-time speeches of Sir Winston Churchill.


What inspired you to become a councillor?

I wanted to be part of delivering the services people expect locally in return for the taxes they pay and to be able to speak out for those who feel powerless and intimidated by Town Hall officialdom.


Whatís your greatest fear and your greatest hope?

The United Socialist States of Europe ruling and administering England through local government structures.

My greatest hope is that my son will be prime minister of a freer, fairer and more democratic England.


Whatís the first thing you would do as prime minister?

The first thing would be to restore democracy to England. This would require three actions. Establish an English Parliament at Westminster, reform the ĎLordsí into a wholly elected second chamber for all the counties in the United Kingdom and thirdly to arrange a fair referendum and exit strategy from the EU.


What single thing would most improve your local area?

A sensible layout of roads to Brighouse from other areas and a dual carriageway link to the M62 Junction 26.


Is there any cause you would die for?

A happy and free society for my son to live in and bring up his family.


What fictional character do you identify with and why?

Arthur Pendragon. He battled against evil and, even today his round table is an enduring example of equality.


Whatís your favourite film?

Not sure I have a favourite, my most watched is the Meeting at Wannsee Conspiracy because it reminds me what horrors can be done if unchecked and how meetings can be controlled by tyrants.


What does your council do particularly well?

Upset too many people, too often.


What do you consider your greatest political triumph?

It is yet to come.


What was your most embarrassing moment?

It is yet to happen!


What is the biggest problem with local government today?

National party politics are a greater focus for elected members than serving local peopleís needs. Central government has turned the roles of council officers towards ruling locally on itís behalf rather than administering local services.


How would you solve it?

Empower community and neighbourhood committees to elect a spokesman to represent them as their councillors. Borough wide elections for all executive positions, not just an executive Mayor but the heads of the local police, the judiciary, the fire service and health trusts.


Who is your political hero, and why?

Joan of Arc. She managed to pull off in France pretty much the same as I would like to see pulled off for England.


When and where are you most happy?

Politically, when attending neighbourhood or community meetings where I can help to make improvements which people want.

Personally, doing a BBQ on the terrace or a party for my son.


Whatís your theme song and why?

Who do you think youíre kidding Mr Hitler. Itís inspirational, itís positive and my son likes to sing it too!


Whatís the first possession you would grab from your house if it was threatened by natural disaster?

Swiss army knife.


(June 2007. Template Local Government First Q&A)