Interview with Paul Rogan, proprietor of RoTexCo

(Based on interview format in the Contract Flooring Journal)


Did you get into trouble at school? Yes, frequently who didnít?


What was your first part-time job? Working on a market stall in Leighton Buzzard. Initially I sold menís shirts and socks and ladies tights and underwear. I then branched out on my own selling screamer scarves and badges.


What did you spend you first pay cheque on? From my part-time job mostly on LPís and from my full-time job a bass guitar. I still have all the LPís and the guitar.


What was the best piece of advice you have been given? Whatever someone is telling you about another person, tells you more about the speaker than the other person.


What was your worst business mistake? So many. Mistakes are always bad news, I donít think you can put bad things into a league. Bad is bad, full stop.


What was your greatest business achievement? Establishing myself as self-employed and going through the Ďfear barrierí when the bills are regular but the earnings are not.


What car do you drive today and what does it say about you? A Toyota Avensis. Good on mpg, multi functional, built in England.


If you could have invented any product what would it have been? The first steam engine came into industrial use in 1760. Being part of the dawning of the age we are still in would have been rather nice!


What do you most like about the flooring industry? It will always be there, in some form or other. I have met and made a great many friends in the industry; it seems to attract some wonderful characters.


What do you least like about the industry? Trade exhibitions at times of the year when it is cold and freezing.


Name one change you would make to the industry. Legislate to enable companies to manufacture once again in UK.


Which company in the flooring industry, other than your own, do you admire? There are a number and it would be unfair to name but a few. They are all successful manufactures, mostly all family owned/run and many have been around for a number of years. They are not all UK based.


Where should we have a flooring show? Depends if it is to be an internal one or an international showcase. If only for the home market, Harrogate is homely and ideal. Otherwise, it should be in Manchester. (International airport, motorway links, hotels, restaurants etc all adequately provided for.) and not during the winter!


Which single possession would you rescue if your house caught fire? One of my collections. Wonít say here which one.


Do you have any hobbies? Music, politics, gardening and riding my motor bike. All of which I do too little these days.


How do you relax? Watch history channel.


What is your favorite tipple? Chilled, dry white wine, increasingly with water.


How many times a year do you take a holiday? Not holidays as such, short visits to friends 2 or 3 times a year. Frequent day trips to museums and places of interest. Isnít life one long holiday?


What is your idea of heaven? I have it and itís a secret; donít want to find it crowded!


What is your idea of hell? Getting divorced; got the Campaign Medal and Bar.


Which one record and book would you take to a desert island? Churchillís History of the English Speaking People


Who would you like to be stuck in a lift with? Barbara


If you could be anyone (living or dead, fictional or real) who would it be? Richard Branson.


Choose five words that describe yourself. Patient, paternal, ambitious, organized, determined


Any regrets? Wish I had studied at RADA.


Do you have any unfulfilled ambitions? Yes many. Some family ones are achievable. Some personal ones I hope will be too. Others I am afraid will not come to pass in view of my Ďsell byí date!


What was your most embarrassing moment? No details, but happened when I was a choir boy.


If you had to choose another career what would it be? If all over again, a songwriter or historian. If not in the floor coverings trade, politics. If neither of these, anything which makes money.