Cliffe Fields, near Elland, (Stainland village) on the B6112

Full-Timers Motor-Home Base & Service Point. HX4 9HF.

25 yards from The Duke of York.


General Objective:-

To offer Full-Timers membership of an ‘Allotments Co-operative’ which entitles them to a personal address for post and a permanent service point which they can access at any time at a price which won’t break the bank!

By virtue of renting land in the Local Authority area, members could apply to be included on the Electoral Roll. This is a matter for the LA to determine and is not part of our offer.


Specific Details:-

As we are close to the M62 and equidistant from Hull and Liverpool, Cliffe Fields is centrally located in Pennine Yorkshire and ideally located as a Service Point to cover all the North East and North Western areas of England.

Members are entitled to use the Motor-Home Service Facilities as follows.


Included Services:-

  • Post Service. Personal and individual address for parcels, post and other correspondence. Each member is allocated a ‘post tray’ in the Estate Office.
  • Area to 'rest-up' for re-fitting, repairing, maintenance or attending to the general upkeep of your Motor Home.
  • Waste Disposal; ‘Elsan’ black toilet waste.
  • Grey waste disposal point,
  • Kitchen waste compost,
  • Re-cycling point for glass, tins, plastic and paper. (Please note, we ask you dispose of General Rubbish off-site)
  • Fresh water fill-up point.
  • Clothes drying lines and frames.
  • Cold water vegetable wash.
  • Communal Sitting-out / BBQ / Garden Area.
  • Small Trailers Parking Area.
  • Secure and private dog walking paths and wooded areas.
  • Pond fishing.
  • Personal assigned space or allotment plot. Can be used for horticulture, solar panel farm, ‘garden’ area or for storing personal items.
  • Level, overnight parking on a first come, first served basis up to maximum of 28 days PA. (Not suitable for RVs)


Services for which extra charges are required:-

  • Electric Hook-up                                  £2.50 / night (12 hrs)
  • Washroom Facilities                             £3.00 / night, shower, wash basin, WC, hot pot wash. (Key deposit £5)
  • Fishermans’ Fridge                              £2.00 / day
  • Broadband WiFi.                                   £2.00 / night
  • Washing machine                                   £2.50 / wash
  • Wet’n’Dry vac and Jet Washer              £2.50 / use


Following Home Facilities available by application and arrangement, priced per individual requirements.

  • Use of Fitness Gym.
  • Workshop facility.
  • ‘Lock-ups’ Storage sheds for personal archives, equipment, old paperwork etc.
  • Use of tools for tending Garden Areas or Allotments
  • Mail forwarding.
  • Email or Text message alerts when mail or parcels are received.
  • Co-operative Store; stocking Calor Gas, basic foods and chemicals.

 Enquiries to Paul by text on 07785 220 300    or Email

Cliffe Fields is managed by Agri-Pennine Ltd, Regn Nbr. 02927736 (England)