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Walking, Day Care, Behaviour Evaluation & Training

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Days:-            NB. We charge a ‘Day Rate’ (not nights) & irrespective of how many hours your dog is here


We are OPEN for both drop-off and collections MORNINGS from 6am until 10am & AFTERNOONS for collections only  3pm until 6pm. Please agree and book a Movement SLOT of 10mins within these times before you set off so as to avoid clashes with others or when we are walking & training in the fields. (Sundays and Bank Holidays 7.30 until 8.30am and 3 until 4.30pm.)

Absolutely no dog movements outside of Opening Times.

Please note: This is not a kennels business and not any alternative type of boarding arrangement. Whilst the environment is set out more like a Park or ‘Holiday Camp’, to remain exempt under the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963, we must make it absolutely clear that the primary purpose of having your dog come to us is for walking, day care, and if to evaluate behaviour, advise our assessment and agree a plan with you for corrective training through play for which we charge a ‘day rate’. We do not make any offer or charges for overnights or for boarding. References available. Personal CRB checked. *Rates for Home Based evaluations vary, please discuss specific details.

Insurance: A booking constitutes a private arrangement with us to walk and/or evaluate your dog at your risk and responsibility. You remain entirely responsible for your pet & must make your own insurance arrangements.

Health: For your dog’s own health and safety, all vaccinations and boosters should be up to date. It is your responsibility to attend to this. If in any doubt, please consult your vet & inform them that your pet is attending open sessions with us.

‘Doggy Updates’, only £1.00 per message. Email or Txt [delete]  Nbr.:-


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DOGGYdaycare, Cliffe Manor, 363 Stainland Rd, Stainland, Halifax, HX4 9HF.

For further details please ring Simon on    07769 033 910