The Logo used by the Company


An explanation of the Coat of Arms used by RoTexCo as a logo. 

It is in fact the personal "Achievement" of the proprietor, Paul Graham Rogan.

  The Shield

Chief Dexter is Charged with the Red Rose of Lancashire, the county of Paul's birth and the two previous generations of Rogan.

The Chief Sinister is Charged with the White Rose of Yorkshire denoting the county of his residence, the birth county of his son and, the 19th centaury generations of the direct line Rogan family in Otley.

Chief Point, the Irish Harp alludes to the Families Irish roots.

Rogan is Rua-h’gan in Irish (Redhead). The Fess is a cross-section of a carpet weave, signifying the nature of Paul's second-generation profession and also alluding to the first traceable Rogan ancestor, a weaver from Co Donegal.

The Shield Base is Charged Sinister with a wheel to signify the journeyman ancestry of the Rogan Family and Paul's grounding in Export and Field Sales. The five spoke wheel of life has a Golden Centre, which has a mystical significance.

 The Tilting Helm, facing Dexter, as is common in Great Britain, designates the rank of Esquire.

The Crest is a Boars Head Couped; this fierce animal is said to be associated with the Rogan name in Irish mythology.

The colours used are Sable, White and Vert. Sable and White are derived from Knights Templar symbolism and the Vert refers to the Emerald Isle. The Mantelling is of White and Vert.

 The Motto, Rogo Ad Infinitum - I continue to ask questions - whilst generally appropriate in today's ever changing world is based on Paul's continual childhood questioning " but why?"

 The Achievement was designed by Frank Whitwam of Holly Tree Farm, Jagger Green, now sadly deceased, and to whom I am much indebted.

Paul Rogan, 25.2.2000. The Coat of Arms in Colour