PAUL Graham  ROGAN   

        Cliffe Manor, Stainland village, West Yorkshire, 

                                                        HX4 9HF, England.

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If you are looking for a McKenzie Friend, please text me on 07785 220 300 with your email address and I can then email you for some details about your situation and can then explain about what help I might be able to offer you. Alternatively you can click on the Calderdads link.

At Gais 2016

When I am on the road or working in various EU locations, please email me on which I can pick up more easily whilst I am mobile on the Continent, and please text only to 0044 7929 146 802, I can then respond as soon as I am able. Alternatively send emails to which are forwarded every so often. When traveling I no longer use Skype.

At Domotex 2016

Paul Rogan was born in Manchester, Lancashire in the mid 50's, first child of Dennis Arnold and Winifred Ethel Rogan. His son, Alexander TOBY Paul Rogan was born in Halifax in November 1999 and Christened at St Andrews, Stainland before the close of the last centaury.

Paul has lived in Gatley (Lancs), Heald Green (Cheshire), Linslade (Bucks), Hamburg (Germany), Halifax and Stainland (West Yorkshire).

Schools attended: Cheadle Etchels PS, Beech Tree PS, Linslade PS, The Vale (Aylesbury), The Cedars (Leighton Buzzard).

Employment: John Crossley & Sons Ltd. Carpets International (Northern). A&J Staples (Tinsley Wire Industries), S Lyles PLC. In 1995 became self employed trading as RoTexCo Carpet & Yarns.

Early interests: Church choirs, Cubs & Scouts, model railway, amateur music and dramatics, motor cycling, hitch-hiking.

Present interests include: Politics, history, music, gardening, dogs, tinkering and motorhomes.

At La Fournial Spring 2016

Keeping track of the crops and animals at my County Parish Small-holding as well as keeping up with a number of voluntary and community duties leaves little time for 'unproductive' hobbies.


                                                      My NEW ADDITION, The Vivo

Being now Semi-retired, I am taking two 3 month long breaks per year to warmer climes. My first voyage is the "Autumn Escape" which commences end September and concludes before Christmas. The next voyage is the "Winter Warmer" which commences in the New Year and after the annual visit to Domotex, concludes before Easter.

If you see me on the road, please give me a wave!!