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Born and bred in CALDERDALE, West Yorkshire.    

Alexander TOBY Paul ROGAN was born in Halifax at the turn of the last Millenium and Christened at St Andrews, Stainland before the close of the last Centaury. He is the only son of Paul Graham Rogan of Cliffe Manor, Stainland.


This woolly jumper may bite!           Driffield Steam Rally



Del-Boy                               The Lewis                                               The 'Roke'



Stamford Bridge                         The Cat                                                           The Rutt

(where Toby fought off Harold Hardrada.)



Austria Hungary -General Ludenburger                      Whitby Pier



Toby's hobbies include in History, visiting Museums and Monuments; collections of a number of artifacts including coins and bank notes; the Performing Arts as an Actor. So, the future looks to hold many interesting things in store for him!