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Guaranteed Vundo Trojan Removal

PC S.O.S.- Vundo Remover Page

The Vundo Remover detects and safely removes all known Vundo Trojan variants. If your PC is infected with Vundo Trojan, you already know how aggressive it is. While major anti-spyware programs are able to detect Vundo, most - if not all - fail to remove Vundo mainly because Vundo uses highly sophisticated tactics to re-install itself. Unlike other trojans, Vundo adds several copies of itself to various system locations, and as soon as one is detected, another steps in to replace it. This makes Vundo removal nearly impossible!

Our Promise To You

At PC S.O.S. , we have developed the Vundo Remover by diligently and painstakingly studying several captured variants of the trojan.  After exposing all it's tricks and tactics, we prepared the Vundo Remover and thoroughly tested it by infecting several test machines.. the results were outstanding! All active components of all Vundo variants were successfully removed. If you suspect that your computer is infected with Vundo, download the Vundo Remover. The Vundo Remover will detect and remove Vundo from any infected PC.  The Vundo Remover comes with technical support from OnlinePCfix Experts and a 100% money back guarantee.  Download the Vundo Remover here.

Symptoms of Vundo Trojan Infection

Vundo Trojan displays pop-up advertisements that promote ill-reputed anti-spyware and antivirus programs. Some variants of Vundo Trojan display error messages that look like Windows warning messages. These messages will again point users to download one of its affiliated anti-spyware or anti-virus programs.  Among the recent programs promoted are:


Crystalys Media



Search Maid

Security IGuard

Security Toolbar






Video iCodec

Virtual Maid



Vundo is also known by other names such as smitfraud, virtumonde, virtumundo and virtumode.

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