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Virus Outbreak - Sasser Worm is spreading at a rate of 30,000+ infected computer per hour.  It opens security ports on the infected computer which makes it vulnerable to hackers who can use these open ports to implant Spyware and Trojan Programs, hence stealing your personal information. Click here for details.

Welcome to PC S.O.S. Antivirus page.  Here you can download individual (stand-alone) antivirus utilities designed specifically to remove today's most common and most destructive viruses.  Note that the remover utilities can fit on a single floppy disk which makes them convenient for transfer from one PC to another (e.g. from a clean PC to an infected one).

"Why do I need PC S.O.S. virus remover utility?" you may ask yourself!  The answer is simple:

1. You already have an antivirus program installed, but your computer got infected anyway, or
2. Your computer got hit by a virus and you are no longer able to install any antivirus program.

Note that today's advanced viruses block installations of  antivirus programs as well as prevent updates to existing ones!  What is special about PC S.O.S. removers is that they 'work around' the virus' ability to block antiviral process and will therefore successfully kill and remove the virus.

IMPORTANT!  The viruses listed below are extremely dangerous mainly because of the following three reasons: 
1. They disable resident antivirus programs including McAfee, Norton, PC-Cillin and many others.
2. If left alone, they have the ability to discloses confidential data from the infected PC.  This includes credit card information and passwords.
3. The longer they stay on a PC, the more damage they inflict (You will notice that more and more programs become disabled, while computer performance degrades to a halt with usage).
Detailed Information:

One of the first things that today's sophisticated viruses do once they infect a PC is to disable all resident antivirus software (including McAfee, Norton Antivirus, PC-Cillin and many others) which is why you may be currently unable to remove the virus.  What happens is that these viruses contain memory scan functions that apply procedure to continually check memory, thus allowing the malicious program to obstruct the launch of common anti-virus programs.  This memory scan also works to prevent the user from updating or even installing new antivirus programs!  However, all of the remover utilities listed below are immune and cannot be disabled which is why we have an unparalleled success rate of over 98% in removing these viruses. 

Virus Removal Utilities
The SirCamRemover removes all variants of the SirCam Virus from your system and repairs associated damage.  If you are getting '... cannot find SirC32.exe or SCam32.exe' errors then your PC is definitely infected with the SirCam virus.  The SirCamRemover will correct this problem.  Click here to read more.
The NimdaRemover removes all variants of the Nimda Virus from your system and repairs associated damage.  Click here to read about the Nimda (nimba) virus.
The KlezRemover removes all variants of the Klez Virus from your system and repairs associated damage.  The Klez virus is especially dangerous as it also brings in another virus with it called Elkern (which is also removed by the KlezRemover).  Click here to read more.
The YahaRemover removes all variants of the Yaha (Lentin) Virus from your system and repairs associated damage.  Click here to read more.
The BugBearRemover removes all variants of the BugBear Virus from your system and repairs associated damage.  Click here to read more.
The FunLoveRemover removes all variants of the Lirva Virus from your system and repairs associated damage.  Click here to read more.
The Sobig.A Remover removes the Sobig.A variant (Big Boss Virus) from your system and repairs associated damage.  Click here to read more.

For the Sobig.F remover, click here.

The Blaster Worm is still very active.  Download the remover here.  Blaster Worm forces system shutdown giving RPC error messages.
With your purchase of the remover utility, you will also be referred to download the Internet Explorer patch (free) corresponding to your System's configuration.  This patch is are necessary to correct vulnerability issues within your system that leave your PC exposed to future viruses and hacker attacks.  In addition, you will also receive expert follow-up support in case the need arises.  This is all included in the £16 fee.  You can also choose the £29 package which allows you to download and run all the virus remover utilities listed above.  Note that the combination of these utilities covers most of the 'high risk' viruses as of April 5 2005 .  Click here to get the combination remover.

PC S.O.S is an PayPal Certified Merchant and we take credit card security very seriously!  Please refer to our 'Privacy / Security' page here.

If you have a question regarding PC S.O.S. Antivirus utilities, please click here:

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If the remover utility download does not remove the virus, we will gladly issue you a full refund.  Guaranteed! All PC S.O.S. Experts are Microsoft, Cisco and A+ Certified. PayPal Website Payments


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