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Concerned about Spyware & Adware?

Click here to download the free version of SUPERAntiSpyware. It can detect up to 305 spyware/adware programs

Welcome to PC S.O.S. Xupiter (Xupiter Toolbar) remover page.  Here you can download either the stand-alone Xupiter Remover (only removes Xupiter) or SUPERAntiSpyware (removes Xupiter as well as more than 1000 other common spyware).

Xupiter is not only annoying, it is also spyware!  Not only does it hijack your starting page and bombard you with popup advertisements from its advertisers, it also tracks all your site visits and reports them back to Xupiter Inc.  This information is then used to 'tailor' a marketing plan targeting you based on your surfing habits (which means more popups and more junk email).  Additionally, Xupiter automatically updates itself and downloads various software onto the infected PC (both without your permission), in an effort to remain updated and to avoid removal by spyware software.  This makes Xupiter removal extremely hard!

Some variants of Xupiter add the Xupiter Toolbar to your browser and / or to Windows explorer.  The Xupiter Remover will also get rid of this menace.

There are numerous sites that propose Xupiter removal methods.  A simple search at Google.com will yield hundreds - if not thousands of sites proposing manual removal methods.  Click here to  see why users are strongly discouraged from trying to manually remove Xupiter.

This is what Xupiter does once it gains control of your computer:

  • Hijacks your starting page
  • Causes frequent Windows Explorer & Internet Explorer crashes (mfc42.dll and other dll errors)
  • Popup advertisements
  • Adds Xupiter 'adult' and 'gambling' links to your Bookmarks (Favorites)
  • Installs software on your PC without your consent
  • Tracks your site visits and reports them back to Xupiter (for advertising purposes)
  • Adds the Xupiter Toolbar to your browser and / or Windows Explorer (some variants of Xupiter)

The latest version of Xupiter hooks itself up deep inside the 'infected' PC.  It modifies up to 65 settings at various locations in the PC, including Registry Edits, hidden files, system files and many more.. which makes manual removal of Xupiter nearly impossible.  Our Xupiter Remover performs over 110 system checks to ensure permanent and safe Xupiter removal from your PC.

The Xupiter Remover comes with follow-up support from our experts and is backed by a full money-back guarantee.  Click here to download the remover.  With your download, you will also receive simple documentation on how to avoid being infected with spyware in the future.

Reasons why users should not try and use manual removal methods or so-called 'free' and 'free trial' removal software:

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