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The County of Pembrokeshire lies to the far south-west of Wales, is roughly square in shape and bordered on three sides by sea. To the north and west are Cardigan Bay and the Irish Sea and to the south is the Bristol Channel. Much of this coastline is made of cliffs of Old Red Sandstone or Limestone and the habitats linked with this geology provide a wide variety of Lepidoptera species.

In 1875, just a short time after having moved to Pembroke, the great lepidopterist, C.G. Barrett published a list of the moths and butterflies he had seen in the County. This list contained references to 389 species, a mix of micro-moths, macro-moths and butterflies. A copy of this list, which include some of the earliest known records for the County, can be downloaded from the Reports and Checklists page. Barrett followed with a further, shorter, list in 1885. Later ones include Leech's 1886 list and Hallett's list from 1928. These three lists are also available for download from the Reports and Checklists page.

The Pembrokeshire Lepidoptera Database now includes over 200,000 records, including those mentioned above, but mostly from 1980 onwards. Complete Checklists of various groups are also available for download from the Reports and Checklists page.

To ensure that records can be included in the Pembrokeshire Lepidoptera Database certain criteria must be met and these are laid out in the Records page.

Many species of moths and butterflies have some form of protection. This may be by law under the Wildlife & Countryside Act or other legislation or because special action is needed to conserve the species such as U.K. or Local Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP or LBAP). See the Species page for a list of all those species found in Pembrokeshire that are also included on the Welsh Biodiversity Action Plan list.

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Green Arches moth

Green Arches moth

The Green Arches moth (Anaplectoides prasina), a common autumn moth in Pembrokeshire

Photo: © R. Elliott, 1999

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