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Conservation and similar organisations

  • Butterfly Conservation
    Butterfly Conservation is the main organisation in the UK for the conservation of moths and butterflies.
  • Butterfly Conservation, South Wales Branch
    The South Wales Branch of Butterfly Conservation has its own web site and publishes a periodic newsletter. It also arranges a full program of events for its members on moth and butterfly related topics.
  • Butterfly Conservation, North Wales Branch
    The North Wales Branch also has its own web site and newsletter and arranges a full program of events.
  • Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales
    Covers the counties of Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Glamorgan as well as Pembrokeshire and is the lead organisation in promoting the conservation of wildlife and its habitats in the region
  • Pembrokeshire Biodiversity Partnership
    Responsible for the promotion of biodiversity in the county of Pembrokeshire. It is in the process of drawing up a range of Biodiversity Action Plans for local species and habitats.
  • Glamorgan Moth Recording Group
    As its name suggest, GMRG is most interested in recording the distribution and abundance of moth species within the county of Glamorgan. They are also in the process of producing a book on the moth fauna of the area.
  • National Macro-moth Recording Scheme
    A partnership led by Butterfly Conservation carrying out the National Macro-moth Recording Scheme (NMRS).
  • West Wales Biodiversity Information Centre
    The West Wales Biodiversity Information Centre acts as a central point for all recording in the three counties of Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire in West Wales

Suppliers of mothing and related equipment

Magazines and Books

Information sites

  • Immigration of Lepidoptera into the United Kingdom
    Almost daily updates with news of Lepidoptera immigration into the UK.
  • Insect Line
    Information service with news of migrant and resident moths, butterflies and dragonflies.
  • MapMate
    Natural History recording software. MapMate software is used to maintain the Pembrokeshire County Lepidoptera database. The checklists and reports included in this site are all produced by this application.
  • Met. Office U.K. Weather
    Weather forecasts and tracking.
  • UK Moths
    An excellent site featuring photographs of many macro & micro species.
  • UK Moths Newsgroup
    On-line newsgroup powered by Yahoo - follow links and instructions to register for full access (including uploaded images by subscribers).
  • The Butterfly Site
Rhigognostis incarnatella

The Marsh Fritillary butterfly exists in several small, fragmented colonies in Pembrokeshire. A large, previously unknown, colony has recently been discovered in the south of the County

Photo: © R. Elliott, 2004

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