On Sunday 26th May 2002 the Galloway Tri Club put on its first event: a round of the STA aquathon series. This was a swim/run race, with various distances for the different age categories. A total of 15 people turned up to compete. Results and distances are shown below:

age 9-10 --- 150 metre swim/1800 metre run
Name swim transition run total time position in cat
Matthew Leonard 02:57 48sec 09:17 13:02 1st boy
age 11-12 --- 250 metre swim/1800 metre run
Kirsten Daly 04:31 31sec 08:20 13:22 1st girl
Suzie Plunkett 04:24 45sec 12:04 17:13 2nd
Siobhan Johnston 05:06 1min 10sec 11:20 17:36 3rd
Zoe Varney 06:32 1min 11sec 12:17 20:00 4th
John Leonard 04:13 44sec 08:14 13:11 1st boy
age 13-14 --- 400 metre swim/2900 metre run
Thomas Leonard 05:51 34sec 13:39 20:04 1st boy
age 15-16 --- 400 metre swim/2900metre run
Stuart Fraser 05:55 2min 10sec 17:52 25:57 1st boy
open --- 750 metre swim/4900 metre run
Robert Sawer 12:43 40sec 19:14 32:37 1st
Peter Leonard 14:29 39sec 23:38 38:46 2nd
Jane Leonard 15:43 52sec 26:36 43:11 1st lady
Lawrie Johnston 18:11 1min 35sec 23:26 43:12 3rd
Vincent Daly 19:52 50sec 24:03 44:45 4th
Stuart Murray 12:37 55sec 39:47 53:19 5th
Over 60 --- 750 metre swim/2900 metre run
Marlene Waugh 20:22 2min 15sec 26:58 49:35 1st over 60  

Just a few comments:

Firstly, thanks to all the people who helped with organisation and the running of the event on the day. It was very much appreciated. Included in this category are the staff of the Merrick Pool, those locals who volounteered to marshal or count lengths instead of race and Safeways, who provided fruit and drinks for everyone involved at the end of the event.

A special mention for those who travelled to compete: Vincent and Kirsten Daly, who travelled down from Troon, and Stuart Fraser from Helensborough, who staggered round the course on some of the most badly blistered feet I've seen in a long time. Anyone who can even complete the course in that condition rates as a superstar in my book.

Congratulations to all who took part. I know it was a first event for some of you and I hope you all enjoyed it (or will when you think back to it after your legs have stopped aching)!

some of the Newton Stewart Junior athletes with their certificates after the race
Thomas (who took this photo) swears that it is of Lawrie setting out on his run. Lawrie was obviously moving too fast for either Thomas' reactions or the camera, so here's a picture of Harry timekeeping


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